Car Insurance Company Comparisons

Choosing a new car insurance company can be a difficult decision. Our company comparison tables allow you to compare car insurance companies based on data collected from J.D. Power research studies.

The ratings for each company are based on surveys from actual insureds of each company.

Simply choose any two companies from the lists below to compare consumer ratings for car insurance companies.

You may also choose from the company comparisons below:

Alfa Insurance vs Allstate

Alfa Insurance vs American Family

Alfa Insurance vs Ameriprise

Alfa Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Alfa Insurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Alfa Insurance vs Country Financial

Alfa Insurance vs Encompass Insurance

Alfa Insurance vs Erie Insurance

Alfa Insurance vs Esurance

Alfa Insurance vs Farmers

Alfa Insurance vs GEICO

Alfa Insurance vs GMAC

Alfa Insurance vs Grange Insurance

Alfa Insurance vs Kemper

Alfa Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Alfa Insurance vs Mercury

Alfa Insurance vs MetLife

Alfa Insurance vs Nationwide

Alfa Insurance vs Progressive

Alfa Insurance vs Safeco

Alfa Insurance vs Shelter Insurance

Alfa Insurance vs The Hanover

Alfa Insurance vs The Hartford

Alfa Insurance vs Travelers

Allstate vs Alfa Insurance

Allstate vs American Family

Allstate vs Ameriprise

Allstate vs Amica Mutual

Allstate vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Allstate vs Country Financial

Allstate vs Encompass Insurance

Allstate vs Erie Insurance

Allstate vs Esurance

Allstate vs Farmers

Allstate vs GEICO

Allstate vs GMAC

Allstate vs Grange Insurance

Allstate vs Kemper

Allstate vs Liberty Mutual

Allstate vs Mercury

Allstate vs MetLife

Allstate vs Nationwide

Allstate vs Progressive

Allstate vs Safeco

Allstate vs Shelter Insurance

Allstate vs The Hanover

Allstate vs The Hartford

Allstate vs Travelers

American Family vs Alfa Insurance

American Family vs Allstate

American Family vs Ameriprise

American Family vs Amica Mutual

American Family vs Auto-Owners Insurance

American Family vs Country Financial

American Family vs Encompass Insurance

American Family vs Erie Insurance

American Family vs Esurance

American Family vs Farmers

American Family vs GEICO

American Family vs GMAC

American Family vs Grange Insurance

American Family vs Kemper

American Family vs Liberty Mutual

American Family vs Mercury

American Family vs MetLife

American Family vs Nationwide

American Family vs Progressive

American Family vs Safeco

American Family vs Shelter Insurance

American Family vs The Hanover

American Family vs The Hartford

American Family vs Travelers

Ameriprise vs Alfa Insurance

Ameriprise vs Allstate

Ameriprise vs American Family

Ameriprise vs Amica Mutual

Ameriprise vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Ameriprise vs Country Financial

Ameriprise vs Encompass Insurance

Ameriprise vs Erie Insurance

Ameriprise vs Esurance

Ameriprise vs Farmers

Ameriprise vs GEICO

Ameriprise vs GMAC

Ameriprise vs Grange Insurance

Ameriprise vs Kemper

Ameriprise vs Liberty Mutual

Ameriprise vs Mercury

Ameriprise vs MetLife

Ameriprise vs Nationwide

Ameriprise vs Progressive

Ameriprise vs Safeco

Ameriprise vs Shelter Insurance

Ameriprise vs The Hanover

Ameriprise vs The Hartford

Ameriprise vs Travelers

Amica Mutual vs Alfa Insurance

Amica Mutual vs Allstate

Amica Mutual vs American Family

Amica Mutual vs Ameriprise

Amica Mutual vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Amica Mutual vs Country Financial

Amica Mutual vs Encompass Insurance

Amica Mutual vs Erie Insurance

Amica Mutual vs Esurance

Amica Mutual vs Farmers

Amica Mutual vs GEICO

Amica Mutual vs GMAC

Amica Mutual vs Grange Insurance

Amica Mutual vs Kemper

Amica Mutual vs Liberty Mutual

Amica Mutual vs Mercury

Amica Mutual vs MetLife

Amica Mutual vs Nationwide

Amica Mutual vs Progressive

Amica Mutual vs Safeco

Amica Mutual vs Shelter Insurance

Amica Mutual vs The Hanover

Amica Mutual vs The Hartford

Amica Mutual vs Travelers

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Alfa Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Allstate

Auto-Owners Insurance vs American Family

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Ameriprise

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Country Financial

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Encompass Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Erie Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Esurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Farmers

Auto-Owners Insurance vs GEICO

Auto-Owners Insurance vs GMAC

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Grange Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Kemper

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Mercury

Auto-Owners Insurance vs MetLife

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Nationwide

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Progressive

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Safeco

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Shelter Insurance

Auto-Owners Insurance vs The Hanover

Auto-Owners Insurance vs The Hartford

Auto-Owners Insurance vs Travelers

Country Financial vs Alfa Insurance

Country Financial vs Allstate

Country Financial vs American Family

Country Financial vs Ameriprise

Country Financial vs Amica Mutual

Country Financial vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Country Financial vs Encompass Insurance

Country Financial vs Erie Insurance

Country Financial vs Esurance

Country Financial vs Farmers

Country Financial vs GEICO

Country Financial vs GMAC

Country Financial vs Grange Insurance

Country Financial vs Kemper

Country Financial vs Liberty Mutual

Country Financial vs Mercury

Country Financial vs MetLife

Country Financial vs Nationwide

Country Financial vs Progressive

Country Financial vs Safeco

Country Financial vs Shelter Insurance

Country Financial vs The Hanover

Country Financial vs The Hartford

Country Financial vs Travelers

Encompass Insurance vs Alfa Insurance

Encompass Insurance vs Allstate

Encompass Insurance vs American Family

Encompass Insurance vs Ameriprise

Encompass Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Encompass Insurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Encompass Insurance vs Country Financial

Encompass Insurance vs Erie Insurance

Encompass Insurance vs Esurance

Encompass Insurance vs Farmers

Encompass Insurance vs GEICO

Encompass Insurance vs GMAC

Encompass Insurance vs Grange Insurance

Encompass Insurance vs Kemper

Encompass Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Encompass Insurance vs Mercury

Encompass Insurance vs MetLife

Encompass Insurance vs Nationwide

Encompass Insurance vs Progressive

Encompass Insurance vs Safeco

Encompass Insurance vs Shelter Insurance

Encompass Insurance vs The Hanover

Encompass Insurance vs The Hartford

Encompass Insurance vs Travelers

Erie Insurance vs Alfa Insurance

Erie Insurance vs Allstate

Erie Insurance vs American Family

Erie Insurance vs Ameriprise

Erie Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Erie Insurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Erie Insurance vs Country Financial

Erie Insurance vs Encompass Insurance

Erie Insurance vs Esurance

Erie Insurance vs Farmers

Erie Insurance vs GEICO

Erie Insurance vs GMAC

Erie Insurance vs Grange Insurance

Erie Insurance vs Kemper

Erie Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Erie Insurance vs Mercury

Erie Insurance vs MetLife

Erie Insurance vs Nationwide

Erie Insurance vs Progressive

Erie Insurance vs Safeco

Erie Insurance vs Shelter Insurance

Erie Insurance vs The Hanover

Erie Insurance vs The Hartford

Erie Insurance vs Travelers

Esurance vs Alfa Insurance

Esurance vs Allstate

Esurance vs American Family

Esurance vs Ameriprise

Esurance vs Amica Mutual

Esurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Esurance vs Country Financial

Esurance vs Encompass Insurance

Esurance vs Erie Insurance

Esurance vs Farmers

Esurance vs GEICO

Esurance vs GMAC

Esurance vs Grange Insurance

Esurance vs Kemper

Esurance vs Liberty Mutual

Esurance vs Mercury

Esurance vs MetLife

Esurance vs Nationwide

Esurance vs Progressive

Esurance vs Safeco

Esurance vs Shelter Insurance

Esurance vs The Hanover

Esurance vs The Hartford

Esurance vs Travelers

Farmers vs Alfa Insurance

Farmers vs Allstate

Farmers vs American Family

Farmers vs Ameriprise

Farmers vs Amica Mutual

Farmers vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Farmers vs Country Financial

Farmers vs Encompass Insurance

Farmers vs Erie Insurance

Farmers vs Esurance

Farmers vs GEICO

Farmers vs GMAC

Farmers vs Grange Insurance

Farmers vs Kemper

Farmers vs Liberty Mutual

Farmers vs Mercury

Farmers vs MetLife

Farmers vs Nationwide

Farmers vs Progressive

Farmers vs Safeco

Farmers vs Shelter Insurance

Farmers vs The Hanover

Farmers vs The Hartford

Farmers vs Travelers

GEICO vs Alfa Insurance

GEICO vs Allstate

GEICO vs American Family

GEICO vs Ameriprise

GEICO vs Amica Mutual

GEICO vs Auto-Owners Insurance

GEICO vs Country Financial

GEICO vs Encompass Insurance

GEICO vs Erie Insurance

GEICO vs Esurance

GEICO vs Farmers


GEICO vs Grange Insurance

GEICO vs Kemper

GEICO vs Liberty Mutual

GEICO vs Mercury

GEICO vs MetLife

GEICO vs Nationwide

GEICO vs Progressive

GEICO vs Safeco

GEICO vs Shelter Insurance

GEICO vs The Hanover

GEICO vs The Hartford

GEICO vs Travelers

GMAC vs Alfa Insurance

GMAC vs Allstate

GMAC vs American Family

GMAC vs Ameriprise

GMAC vs Amica Mutual

GMAC vs Auto-Owners Insurance

GMAC vs Country Financial

GMAC vs Encompass Insurance

GMAC vs Erie Insurance

GMAC vs Esurance

GMAC vs Farmers


GMAC vs Grange Insurance

GMAC vs Kemper

GMAC vs Liberty Mutual

GMAC vs Mercury

GMAC vs MetLife

GMAC vs Nationwide

GMAC vs Progressive

GMAC vs Safeco

GMAC vs Shelter Insurance

GMAC vs The Hanover

GMAC vs The Hartford

GMAC vs Travelers

Grange Insurance vs Alfa Insurance

Grange Insurance vs Allstate

Grange Insurance vs American Family

Grange Insurance vs Ameriprise

Grange Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Grange Insurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Grange Insurance vs Country Financial

Grange Insurance vs Encompass Insurance

Grange Insurance vs Erie Insurance

Grange Insurance vs Esurance

Grange Insurance vs Farmers

Grange Insurance vs GEICO

Grange Insurance vs GMAC

Grange Insurance vs Kemper

Grange Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Grange Insurance vs Mercury

Grange Insurance vs MetLife

Grange Insurance vs Nationwide

Grange Insurance vs Progressive

Grange Insurance vs Safeco

Grange Insurance vs Shelter Insurance

Grange Insurance vs The Hanover

Grange Insurance vs The Hartford

Grange Insurance vs Travelers

Kemper vs Alfa Insurance

Kemper vs Allstate

Kemper vs American Family

Kemper vs Ameriprise

Kemper vs Amica Mutual

Kemper vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Kemper vs Country Financial

Kemper vs Encompass Insurance

Kemper vs Erie Insurance

Kemper vs Esurance

Kemper vs Farmers

Kemper vs GEICO

Kemper vs GMAC

Kemper vs Grange Insurance

Kemper vs Liberty Mutual

Kemper vs Mercury

Kemper vs MetLife

Kemper vs Nationwide

Kemper vs Progressive

Kemper vs Safeco

Kemper vs Shelter Insurance

Kemper vs The Hanover

Kemper vs The Hartford

Kemper vs Travelers

Liberty Mutual vs Alfa Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs Allstate

Liberty Mutual vs American Family

Liberty Mutual vs Ameriprise

Liberty Mutual vs Amica Mutual

Liberty Mutual vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs Country Financial

Liberty Mutual vs Encompass Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs Erie Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs Esurance

Liberty Mutual vs Farmers

Liberty Mutual vs GEICO

Liberty Mutual vs GMAC

Liberty Mutual vs Grange Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs Kemper

Liberty Mutual vs Mercury

Liberty Mutual vs MetLife

Liberty Mutual vs Nationwide

Liberty Mutual vs Progressive

Liberty Mutual vs Safeco

Liberty Mutual vs Shelter Insurance

Liberty Mutual vs The Hanover

Liberty Mutual vs The Hartford

Liberty Mutual vs Travelers

Mercury vs Alfa Insurance

Mercury vs Allstate

Mercury vs American Family

Mercury vs Ameriprise

Mercury vs Amica Mutual

Mercury vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Mercury vs Country Financial

Mercury vs Encompass Insurance

Mercury vs Erie Insurance

Mercury vs Esurance

Mercury vs Farmers

Mercury vs GEICO

Mercury vs GMAC

Mercury vs Grange Insurance

Mercury vs Kemper

Mercury vs Liberty Mutual

Mercury vs MetLife

Mercury vs Nationwide

Mercury vs Progressive

Mercury vs Safeco

Mercury vs Shelter Insurance

Mercury vs The Hanover

Mercury vs The Hartford

Mercury vs Travelers

MetLife vs Alfa Insurance

MetLife vs Allstate

MetLife vs American Family

MetLife vs Ameriprise

MetLife vs Amica Mutual

MetLife vs Auto-Owners Insurance

MetLife vs Country Financial

MetLife vs Encompass Insurance

MetLife vs Erie Insurance

MetLife vs Esurance

MetLife vs Farmers

MetLife vs GEICO

MetLife vs GMAC

MetLife vs Grange Insurance

MetLife vs Kemper

MetLife vs Liberty Mutual

MetLife vs Mercury

MetLife vs Nationwide

MetLife vs Progressive

MetLife vs Safeco

MetLife vs Shelter Insurance

MetLife vs The Hanover

MetLife vs The Hartford

MetLife vs Travelers

Nationwide vs Alfa Insurance

Nationwide vs Allstate

Nationwide vs American Family

Nationwide vs Ameriprise

Nationwide vs Amica Mutual

Nationwide vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Nationwide vs Country Financial

Nationwide vs Encompass Insurance

Nationwide vs Erie Insurance

Nationwide vs Esurance

Nationwide vs Farmers

Nationwide vs GEICO

Nationwide vs GMAC

Nationwide vs Grange Insurance

Nationwide vs Kemper

Nationwide vs Liberty Mutual

Nationwide vs Mercury

Nationwide vs MetLife

Nationwide vs Progressive

Nationwide vs Safeco

Nationwide vs Shelter Insurance

Nationwide vs The Hanover

Nationwide vs The Hartford

Nationwide vs Travelers

Progressive vs Alfa Insurance

Progressive vs Allstate

Progressive vs American Family

Progressive vs Ameriprise

Progressive vs Amica Mutual

Progressive vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Progressive vs Country Financial

Progressive vs Encompass Insurance

Progressive vs Erie Insurance

Progressive vs Esurance

Progressive vs Farmers

Progressive vs GEICO

Progressive vs GMAC

Progressive vs Grange Insurance

Progressive vs Kemper

Progressive vs Liberty Mutual

Progressive vs Mercury

Progressive vs MetLife

Progressive vs Nationwide

Progressive vs Safeco

Progressive vs Shelter Insurance

Progressive vs The Hanover

Progressive vs The Hartford

Progressive vs Travelers

Safeco vs Alfa Insurance

Safeco vs Allstate

Safeco vs American Family

Safeco vs Ameriprise

Safeco vs Amica Mutual

Safeco vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Safeco vs Country Financial

Safeco vs Encompass Insurance

Safeco vs Erie Insurance

Safeco vs Esurance

Safeco vs Farmers

Safeco vs GEICO

Safeco vs GMAC

Safeco vs Grange Insurance

Safeco vs Kemper

Safeco vs Liberty Mutual

Safeco vs Mercury

Safeco vs MetLife

Safeco vs Nationwide

Safeco vs Progressive

Safeco vs Shelter Insurance

Safeco vs The Hanover

Safeco vs The Hartford

Safeco vs Travelers

Shelter Insurance vs Alfa Insurance

Shelter Insurance vs Allstate

Shelter Insurance vs American Family

Shelter Insurance vs Ameriprise

Shelter Insurance vs Amica Mutual

Shelter Insurance vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Shelter Insurance vs Country Financial

Shelter Insurance vs Encompass Insurance

Shelter Insurance vs Erie Insurance

Shelter Insurance vs Esurance

Shelter Insurance vs Farmers

Shelter Insurance vs GEICO

Shelter Insurance vs GMAC

Shelter Insurance vs Grange Insurance

Shelter Insurance vs Kemper

Shelter Insurance vs Liberty Mutual

Shelter Insurance vs Mercury

Shelter Insurance vs MetLife

Shelter Insurance vs Nationwide

Shelter Insurance vs Progressive

Shelter Insurance vs Safeco

Shelter Insurance vs The Hanover

Shelter Insurance vs The Hartford

Shelter Insurance vs Travelers

The Hanover vs Alfa Insurance

The Hanover vs Allstate

The Hanover vs American Family

The Hanover vs Ameriprise

The Hanover vs Amica Mutual

The Hanover vs Auto-Owners Insurance

The Hanover vs Country Financial

The Hanover vs Encompass Insurance

The Hanover vs Erie Insurance

The Hanover vs Esurance

The Hanover vs Farmers

The Hanover vs GEICO

The Hanover vs GMAC

The Hanover vs Grange Insurance

The Hanover vs Kemper

The Hanover vs Liberty Mutual

The Hanover vs Mercury

The Hanover vs MetLife

The Hanover vs Nationwide

The Hanover vs Progressive

The Hanover vs Safeco

The Hanover vs Shelter Insurance

The Hanover vs The Hartford

The Hanover vs Travelers

The Hartford vs Alfa Insurance

The Hartford vs Allstate

The Hartford vs American Family

The Hartford vs Ameriprise

The Hartford vs Amica Mutual

The Hartford vs Auto-Owners Insurance

The Hartford vs Country Financial

The Hartford vs Encompass Insurance

The Hartford vs Erie Insurance

The Hartford vs Esurance

The Hartford vs Farmers

The Hartford vs GEICO

The Hartford vs GMAC

The Hartford vs Grange Insurance

The Hartford vs Kemper

The Hartford vs Liberty Mutual

The Hartford vs Mercury

The Hartford vs MetLife

The Hartford vs Nationwide

The Hartford vs Progressive

The Hartford vs Safeco

The Hartford vs Shelter Insurance

The Hartford vs The Hanover

The Hartford vs Travelers

Travelers vs Alfa Insurance

Travelers vs Allstate

Travelers vs American Family

Travelers vs Ameriprise

Travelers vs Amica Mutual

Travelers vs Auto-Owners Insurance

Travelers vs Country Financial

Travelers vs Encompass Insurance

Travelers vs Erie Insurance

Travelers vs Esurance

Travelers vs Farmers

Travelers vs GEICO

Travelers vs GMAC

Travelers vs Grange Insurance

Travelers vs Kemper

Travelers vs Liberty Mutual

Travelers vs Mercury

Travelers vs MetLife

Travelers vs Nationwide

Travelers vs Progressive

Travelers vs Safeco

Travelers vs Shelter Insurance

Travelers vs The Hanover

Travelers vs The Hartford