Progressive vs Mercury - Which Car Insurance is Cheaper?

Both Progressive and Mercury offer car insurance coverage, but does their pricing and service measure up to your standards? Insurance companies put a lot of money into advertising and marketing and it's difficult for consumers to know the truth about a company BEFORE buying insurance from them.

Quickly compare rates from top auto insurance companies like Progressive and Mercury to find the cheapest rate!

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Progressive and Mercury Customer Opinions

  Progressive Ratings Mercury Ratings
Policy Offerings Progressive Policy Offerings Mercury Policy Offerings
Pricing Progressive Pricing Mercury Pricing
Billing and Payment Progressive Billing Mercury Billing
Contacting the Insurer Progressive Support Mercury Support
Overall Satisfaction Progressive Satisfaction Mercury Satisfaction
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Data source: J.D.Power 2011 National Auto Insurance Study

Progressive scored higher Mercury on policy offerings. That rating factors in the types of coverages offered and additional endorsements and features that can be added to your insurance policy. More policy offerings can make it easier to package your policies and obtain multi-policy discounts.

Progressive and Mercury Price Comparison

On pricing, Progressive scored similar to Mercury. Does this mean Progressive will always have similar auto insurance pricing as Mercury? Of course not. Progressive or Mercury may have the lowest rate for your personal situation, but you have to get quotes from both companies to find out.

Progressive vs Mercury - Which Car Insurance is Cheaper?

Different drivers pay different car insurance rates, and Progressive and Mercury may give lower prices to one type of driver over another. The only way to find out whether Mercury or Progressive has the lowest rates is to do an apples-to-apples car insurance comparison.

For billing options, Progressive came in better than Mercury. Having more payment options allows you to be more flexibile in how you pay your insurance bills.

Being able to get in touch with your company at claim time is extremely important. Survey results show that Progressive came in higher than Mercury when ranking consumers ability to get in touch with the company.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Company

Should you buy from the company with the higher overall rating? According to the ratings results shown above, Progressive received a higher overall satisfaction rating as compared to Mercury, but deciding on a car insurance company should be based on more than consumer ratings.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance

  • If you have an independent insurance agent, have them compare rates with multiple companies
  • To reduce your annual premium, consider dropping full coverage on vehicles that no longer need it
  • Better drivers pay lower car insurance premiums
  • Better credit means lower car insurance rates