Car insurance frequently asked questions

Buying car insurance doesn't have to be difficult, but there are many personal situations that may determine the coverage you need on your policy. The following list of frequently asked questions addresses some of those situations and gives some tips on how to buy the right car insurance coverages.

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I left my keys in my car's ignition and the doors unlocked. The car was stolen and wrecked. Will my car insurance pay even though I left the keys in my car?  Read answer

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My 18-year-old son bought a 2005 Honda Accord and was involved in a minor accident two days later. We hadn't notified our car insurance company yet and we were told he had no coverage because it was titled in his name only. Is this right?  Read answer

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I had my car in the repair shop and when the mechanic took it for a test drive he backed into a telephone pole. Does my car insurance cover this?  Read answer

I just had an expensive portable GPS navigation unit and some CD's stolen from my car. Is that something I can turn in on my car insurance policy?  Read answer

I live in northern Michigan and it gets REALLY cold in the winter. My radiator fluid froze overnight and it caused my engine to overheat and crack the engine block. Why won't my car insurance cover it?  Read answer

I use my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan to car pool to work with co-workers. Am I covered if I get into an accident while car pooling?  Read answer

I borrowed my neighbor's riding lawn mower and accidently back into it with my car. My insurance company said there was no coverage for the riding mower. Why?  Read answer

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My family and I are planning a trip to Mexico. Does my car insurance policy provide coverage when we drive a car in Mexico?  Read answer

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I don't own a car because I can borrow my friends' and roommate's cars to drive. So I don't have any need for my own car insurance, right?  Read answer

My employer furnishes a car for me to drive. Does my personal auto policy provide any liability coverage if I'm in an accident in my work car?  Read answer

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