Travelers vs Liberty Mutual - Car Insurance Rates Compared

Car insurance from Travelers or Liberty Mutual may be cheap in your area, but it's important to find out if the company's service is as good as their prices. Getting unbiased ratings of car insurance companies can help you make an informed decision and compare companies before making a purchasing decision.

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Survey Ratings for Travelers and Liberty Mutual

  Travelers Ratings Liberty Mutual Ratings
Policy Offerings Travelers Policy Offerings Liberty Mutual Policy Offerings
Pricing Travelers Pricing Liberty Mutual Pricing
Billing and Payment Travelers Billing Liberty Mutual Billing
Contacting the Insurer Travelers Support Liberty Mutual Support
Overall Satisfaction Travelers Satisfaction Liberty Mutual Satisfaction
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Data source: J.D.Power 2011 National Auto Insurance Study

Travelers scored lower Liberty Mutual on policy offerings. Policy offerings rates the variety of insurance coverages consumers can buy from each insurance company. The more coverages you can choose from means you can get an insurance program that is more tailored to your specific needs.

Travelers and Liberty Mutual Price Comparison

Travelers was rated about the same as Liberty Mutual on insurance prices. That doesn't mean that Travelers will always have identical prices on car insurance than Liberty Mutual, however. Finding the best car insurance rate depends entirely upon comparing both Travelers and Liberty Mutual car insurance rates.

Travelers vs Liberty Mutual - Car Insurance Rates Compared

Car insurance companies can be selective as to which drivers receive the best rates, so get a car insurance quote to compare the lowest rates for companies in your area. Travelers or Liberty Mutual may have the best rates, but you may be surprised by the rates of other companies as well.

For payment options, Travelers was rated lower than Liberty Mutual. More billing options allows you to pay your bill either more or less frequently.

Perhaps most important is being able to actually get ahold of your car insurance company to file a claim or review coverages. For ease of contacting the insurance company, Travelers ended up the same as Liberty Mutual.

Which Company is Right for You?

Will you really have a better experience if a company has more stars? The overall satisfaction rating for Travelers shows fewer stars than Liberty Mutual, but that isn't indicative that it is truly a worse company.

Keys to Finding the Best Car Insurance

  • Better credit means lower car insurance rates
  • Make sure you compare apples-to-apples coverages
  • Higher physical damage deductibles mean less premium paid
  • Every year, shop your car insurance coverage around to find the lowest rate