How Much are Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers with a Bad Driving Record in Missouri?

How Much are Car Insurance Quotes for Drivers with a Bad Driving Record in Missouri?

Our content editors always give us grief that when writing about auto insurance, the words “cheap” or “affordable” should never appear as a descriptor for auto insurance rates. It’s a simple fact that cheap car insurance for drivers with a bad driving record is almost non-existent. Don’t get your dauber down, because we are going to show you some ways you can find and buy auto insurance that doesn’t break your budget.

Trying to buy cheap insurance is not the easiest thing to accomplish, and figuring out which company has the cheapest insurance rates for drivers with a bad driving record will require additional perseverance. Insurance rates should be much more expensive than the state average attributed to the potentially higher risk that goes along with selling insurance for bad drivers, but reasonable insurance should be possible with some perseverence. Every insurance provider has their own guidelines to determine premium rates, so first we will examine the insurance companies that tend to have lower prices in Missouri.

We do need to point out that Missouri insurance rates are influenced by many factors that control the cost of having a policy. Getting older, buying a newer car, or having an accident can trigger price changes resulting in some rates now being more affordable than before.

Best Car Insurance Prices for Imperfect Drivers

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Cheapest insurance companies in Missouri
Rank Company Cost Per Year
1 USAA $668
2 The Hartford $785
3 Electric $849
4 Allied $875
5 Travelers $1,008
6 Auto-Owners $1,027
7 MO Farm Bureau $1,063
8 Nationwide $1,142
9 Farmers $1,151
10 Cameron Mutual $1,154
11 State Farm $1,234
12 American Family $1,291
13 Safe Auto $1,363
14 Progressive $1,368
15 Safeco $1,412
16 Shelter $1,419
17 California Casualty $1,425
18 MetLife $1,430
19 GEICO $1,434
20 Encompass $1,516
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USAA has some of the best car insurance rates in Missouri at around $668 each year. The Hartford, Electric, Allied, and Travelers also qualify as some of the best Missouri car insurance companies.

As illustrated above, if you are a customer of The Hartford and switched to USAA, you could see yearly savings of in the neighborhood of $117. Customers with Electric could save as much as $181 a year, and Allied customers might see rate reductions of $207 a year.

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These prices are averages for all insureds and vehicles and are not factoring in a price surcharge for drivers with a bad driving record. So the car insurance company that has the cheapest price for you may not even be featured in the above list. That illustrates why you need to compare prices as often as possible using your own individual information.

When shopping for cheaper car insurance for bad drivers, one of the many factors that car insurance companies use to calculate the policy price is where you keep your car in Missouri. Areas that are more densely populated like Saint Louis, University City, and Kansas City tend to pay slightly more, whereas areas with less traffic congestion and claims generally pay less for car insurance.

The information below rates the highest-priced areas in Missouri for drivers with a bad driving record to purchase a policy in.

How much does auto insurance cost in Missouri?
Rank City Annual Premium
1 Saint Louis $1,430
2 Florissant $1,401
3 University City $1,366
4 Raytown $1,264
5 Kansas City $1,257
6 Ballwin $1,232
7 Mehlville $1,222
8 Independence $1,214
9 Chesterfield $1,207
10 Wildwood $1,201
11 Kirkwood $1,187
12 Lee’s Summit $1,170
13 Liberty $1,153
14 Saint Charles $1,140
15 Wentzville $1,134
16 Saint Peters $1,128
17 Blue Springs $1,126
18 Joplin $1,126
19 Saint Joseph $1,122
20 O’Fallon $1,090
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Premium costs are approximated as the specific geographic location can decrease or increase auto insurance rates substantially.

Accidents and violations increase rates

The obvious way to enjoy cheap insurance for drivers with a bad driving record in Missouri is to drive attentively and not have accidents or get tickets. The illustration below demonstrates how citations and at-fault fender-benders can raise insurance costs for each different age category. The premiums are based on a married male driver, comprehensive and collision coverage, $1,000 deductibles, and no discounts are factored in.

google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(drawVioqcibChart);function drawVioqcibChart() {var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([[‘Age of Insured’, ‘No Violations or Accidents’, ‘One Speeding Ticket and No Accidents’, ‘One Speeding Ticket and Two Accidents’],[‘Age 20’, 1645,1789,3139],[‘Age 30’, 855,997,2351],[‘Age 40’, 835,979,2329],[‘Age 50’, 769,913,2263],[‘Age 60’, 755,899,2247],[‘Age 70’, 885,1029,2381]]);var options = {title: ‘Impact of Tickets and Claims on Missouri Car Insurance Prices’,titleTextStyle: {color: ‘#333’, fontSize: 17, bold: true},width: ‘100%’,height: 600,’chartArea’: {left:100,top:50,’width’: ‘100%’, ‘height’: ‘70%’},legend: {position: ‘bottom’,textStyle: {fontSize: 12}},colors:[‘#b2da64′,’#eed355′,’#e39e71’],hAxis: {title: ‘Annual Auto Insurance Cost for Average Vehicle in Missouri’,minValue: 0,format: ‘$###,###’},vAxis: {title: ‘Age of Insured’}};var formatter = new google.visualization.NumberFormat({fractionDigits: 0,prefix: ‘$’});formatter.format(data,1);formatter.format(data,2);formatter.format(data,3);var chart = new google.visualization.BarChart(document.getElementById(‘qcibvio’));chart.draw(data, options);}

In the previous example, the average cost of an auto insurance policy per year with a clean driving record and no accidents is $957. Get one speeding ticket and the average cost surges to $1,101, an increase of $144 each year. Now add two accidents along with the one speeding ticket and the annual cost of insurance for drivers with a bad driving record increases to an average of $2,452. That’s an increase of $1,494, or $125 per month, just for not paying attention while driving!

Cost of full coverage in Missouri

Finding cheap insurance for drivers with a bad driving record in Missouri should be important to most people, and one way to save on the cost of insurance is to only pay for liability coverage. The chart below shows the comparison of premium costs with full coverage and liability only. The information is based on no claims, a clean driving record, $500 deductibles, single marital status, and no discounts are applied to the premium.

google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(drawFclqcibChart);function drawFclqcibChart() {var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([[‘Age of Insured’, ‘Full Coverage with $500 Deductibles’, ‘Liability Only’],[‘Age 20’, 2877,1073],[‘Age 30’, 1493,591],[‘Age 40’, 1469,547],[‘Age 50’, 1343,513],[‘Age 60’, 1301,505],[‘Age 70’, 1605,673]]);var options = {title: ‘Full Coverage Compared to Liability Only’,titleTextStyle: {color: ‘#333’,fontSize: 17,bold: true},width: ‘100%’,height: 500,’chartArea’: {left:100,top:50,’width’: ‘100%’, ‘height’: ‘70%’},legend: {position: ‘bottom’},colors: [‘#6791b9′,’#98bee2’],hAxis: {title: ‘Annual Auto Insurance Cost for Average Vehicle in Missouri’,minValue: 0,format: ‘$###,###’},vAxis: {title: ‘Age of Insured’}};var formatter = new google.visualization.NumberFormat({fractionDigits: 0,prefix: ‘$’});formatter.format(data,1);formatter.format(data,2);var chart = new google.visualization.BarChart(document.getElementById(‘qcibfcl’));chart.draw(data, options);}

If all age groups are averaged, comp and collision coverage costs $1,681 per year over liability only. That touches on the question if paying for full coverage is a waste of money. There is no written rule of when to phase out physical damage coverage on your policy, but there is a general guideline. If the annual cost of your full coverage insurance is about 10% or more of the vehicle’s replacement cost less your deductible, then you may need to consider dropping full coverage.

How to get cheap insurance for drivers with a bad driving record in Missouri

Here are some of the better thrifty ideas that can help Missouri drivers buy lower-cost auto insurance.

  • Frequent claims may make car insurance unaffordable
  • Maintaining good credit helps earn cheaper rates
  • Prevent price hikes by avoiding at-fault accidents
  • Serious violations like DUI or reckless driving can increase rates dramatically
  • Choose a safer vehicle and pay lower rates
  • Look for cheaper rates once a year by shopping around

That last piece of advice is remarkably vital, as was stressed in the article above. Coverage prices in Missouri change a lot, so don’t be tentative to buy from a different company if you can save money. Having a favorite company is great, but it’s not a great idea if it’s costing you hundreds of dollars a year. In just a couple of minutes you could compare rates and find cheaper insurance for drivers with a bad driving record.

Who has the cheapest insurance quotes for bad drivers?

Drivers have a lot of ways to shop for and buy insurance in Missouri, but the most prevalent are through a captive (or exclusive) agent like Allstate or State Farm, an independent insurance agent, or from a direct company like Geico or Progressive. They all have the same end result, but insurance shoppers should know the differences in how they function.

Independent agents can place your business with multiple companies and can provide price quotes from all of them. These agents do not write with just one company and can provide you with more rate quotes, which may give you a better chance of saving money. If you are not satisfied with one company, your agent can just switch to a different company which is easy for the insured.

An exclusive ageny is able to place business with just one company, two examples being a State Farm or Allstate agent. These agents are unable to compare rates from other companies, so if prices are high they cannot provide alternatives.

Drivers who opt to buy insurance direct do not use local insurance agents and instead shop direct either online or via phone. This insurance option may be the best choice drivers who do not need high amounts of coverage and know what coverage limits and deductibles they need.

What is the best method to find cheap insurance for drivers with a bad driving record in Missouri? We’d like to tell you buying from a direct car insurance company results in the best prices since no commissions are paid to an agent, but that is generally not the case. A good argument could also be made that going through an independent agent is the best way to save because they can quote many companies, but that assumption is also not accurate. For some people, the exclusive agents may have very competitive prices that other companies cannot beat.

Due to the large number of rating factors, really the only way to not overpay for insurance is to get rate quotes and compare. Industry experts recommend getting prices from all three to give yourself enough choices. For a list of companies with cheap rates in Missouri, click here to view.