Find Cheaper Independence Auto Insurance

Purchasing affordable Independence auto insurance online can be rather challenging for consumers not familiar with comparison shopping online. When there are so many online companies available, how can consumers possibly compare every company to locate the cheapest available price?

Independence Rates are Influenced by These Factors

Consumers need to have an understanding of the factors that help determine the price you pay for auto insurance. Understanding what influences your rates enables informed choices that could result in lower auto insurance prices.

  • Little extras can really add up - There are a ton of add-on coverages that you can get tricked into buying on your auto insurance policy. Coverages like roadside assistance, accidental death and term life insurance are some examples. These coverages may sound good when you first buy your policy, but if they're wasting money get rid of them and save.
  • Having a spouse can save you money - Getting married can get you a discount on auto insurance. Having a spouse means you're more mature and it's proven that married drivers get in fewer accidents.
  • Liability insurance protects assets - Liability coverage is the protection if a court rules you are at fault for causing damage or personal injury in an accident. It will provide you with a defense in court starting from day one. Carrying liability coverage is mandatory and cheap when compared with rates for comp and collision, so do not skimp.
  • With age comes lower rates - More mature drivers are more responsible, tend to file fewer claims and receive fewer citations. Teen drivers are known to be less responsible when driving therefore auto insurance rates are much higher.
  • High deductibles save money - The deductibles represent how much money you are required to spend before a claim is paid by your company. Insurance for physical damage to your car, commonly called comprehensive (or other-than-collision) and collision coverage, protects your car from damage. Some instances where coverage would apply could be colliding with a building, damage caused by hail, and burglary. The more expense you are required to pay out-of-pocket, the bigger discount you will receive.
  • How many coverages with the same company - Many insurance companies will award you with lower prices to customers who carry more than one policy. It's known as a multi-policy discount. Discounts can add up to 10 percent or more. Even with this discount, you still need to comparison shop to ensure the best deal.

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Save big with these discounts

Car insurance companies don't always advertise all available discounts in an easy-to-find place, so the following is a list of both well-publicized as well as the least known discounts you could be receiving.

  • Fewer Miles Equal More Savings - Fewer annual miles could qualify for a substantially lower rate.
  • Paperless Signup - Certain companies will discount your bill up to fifty bucks just for signing your application on their website.
  • Organization Discounts - Participating in certain professional organizations may earn a discount when buying auto insurance.
  • Save over 55 - If you're over the age of 55, you may be able to get better auto insurance rates.
  • Multiple Vehicles - Insuring multiple vehicles with the same company may reduce the rate for each vehicle.

It's important to note that some credits don't apply to all coverage premiums. Some only apply to individual premiums such as liability and collision coverage. Just because it seems like all the discounts add up to a free policy, you're out of luck.

To choose insurers who offer auto insurance discounts in Independence, click here.

Auto insurance ads bend the truth

21st Century, Allstate and State Farm continually stream ads on TV and radio. All the companies have a common claim that you can save after switching to their company. How do they all make almost identical claims?

All companies have a preferred profile for the driver that makes them money. A good example of a profitable customer could possibly be between the ages of 40 and 55, insures multiple vehicles, and has excellent credit. A customer getting a price quote that hits that "sweet spot" will qualify for the lowest rates and most likely will cut their rates substantially.

Consumers who fall outside the "perfect" profile must pay higher rates and this can result in the driver buying from a lower-cost company. The ad wording is "customers that switch" not "people who quote" save that much. This is how insurance companies can make those claims. This illustrates why you should get as many comparisons as possible. It's impossible to know which insurance companies will have the lowest rates.

For more Missouri auto insurance information

Additional detailed information can be read at the Missouri Department of Insurance website. Missouri consumers can discover disciplinary actions, get help finding coverage, and find out which companies have the most complaints.

The best insurance company isn't always the cheapest

Lower-priced auto insurance can be sourced online and also from your neighborhood Independence agents, so you should be comparing quotes from both to get a complete price analysis. Some companies may not provide online price quotes and usually these small insurance companies provide coverage only through local independent agents.

While you're price shopping online, never buy poor coverage just to save money. There are a lot of situations where drivers have reduced collision coverage and discovered at claim time they didn't purchase enough coverage. The proper strategy is to get the best coverage possible at a price you can afford while not skimping on critical coverages.

You just read a lot of ways to save on auto insurance. The most important thing to understand is the more companies you get rates for, the more likely it is that you will get a better rate. You may even find the lowest priced auto insurance comes from a small local company.