Compare Woodsfield Auto Insurance Prices With These Tips

Are you intimidated by the dozens of auto insurance options in Woodsfield? You're not alone. Drivers have so many options available that it can turn into more work than you anticipated to find better rates.

It's important to get comparison quotes every six months because prices are constantly changing. Even if you got the lowest price a couple years back you can probably find a better price now. There is a lot of bad information regarding auto insurance on the internet, so we're going to give you some great ways to quit paying high auto insurance rates.

If you currently have car insurance, you should be able to cut costs considerably using this information. The purpose of this article is to help educate you on the best way to quote coverages. Although Ohio consumers do need to know the way companies price insurance differently because it can help you find the best coverage.

Understand what determines the rate you pay

Consumers need to have an understanding of the rating factors that help determine the rates you pay for auto insurance. Understanding what impacts premium levels helps enable you to make changes that can help you get better auto insurance rates.

The following are a partial list of the pieces that factor into your rates.

  • Cautious drivers pay less - Your driving record impacts your car insurance rates tremendously. Drivers with clean records receive lower rates compared to drivers with tickets. Only having one moving violation may increase your cost forty percent or more. Drivers who get flagrant violations like hit and run, DWI or reckless driving convictions may be required to submit a SR-22 or proof of financial responsibility to the state department of motor vehicles in order to keep their license.
  • Do you know your deductibles? - Physical damage insurance, otherwise known as comp (or other than collision) and collision, protects your car from damage. Some examples of claims that would be covered would be colliding with a building, collision with an animal, or theft. Physical damage deductibles are the amount of money you are required to spend before a claim is paid by your company. The more the insured has to pay upfront, the less your auto insurance will be.
  • More miles equals more premium - Driving more miles in a year the higher your rates will be. The majority of insurers charge to insure your cars based upon how you use the vehicle. Autos that are left in the garage receive lower rates compared to those used for work or business. Verify your auto insurance coverage is showing the proper vehicle usage, because improper ratings can cost you money.
  • Don't skimp on liability - Liability coverage provides coverage in the event that you are found liable for damages caused by your negligence. It provides legal defense up to the limits shown on your policy. Liability is cheap when compared with rates for comp and collision, so drivers should carry high limits.
  • Do you have a high stress job? - Did you know your occupation can influence how much you pay for auto insurance? Occupations like judges, executives and accountants are shown to have higher rates than average attributed to high stress levels and long work hours. On the flip side, occupations like actors, athletes and performers pay the least.
  • Do men or women drive better? - Statistics demonstrate that men are more aggressive behind the wheel. However, this does not mean men are WORSE drivers than women. Men and women have accidents in similar numbers, but men have costlier accidents. Men also have more aggressive citations like DUI and reckless driving. Youthful male drivers are several times more likely to be in an accident and are penalized with high auto insurance rates.

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How much can you save with discounts?

Car insurance companies don't list every available discount in an easy-to-find place, so we researched both the well known and the more hidden ways to save on auto insurance.

  • Discount for Good Grades - This discount can save 20 to 25%. Earning this discount can benefit you well after school through age 25.
  • Multiple Vehicles - Buying insurance for multiple vehicles with the same company could earn a price break for each car.
  • Auto/Life Discount - Companies who offer life insurance give lower rates if you buy life insurance from them.
  • Homeowners Discount - Being a homeowner may earn you a small savings due to the fact that maintaining a home shows financial diligence.
  • Payment Method - If paying your policy premium upfront instead of making monthly payments you could save 5% or more.
  • Senior Citizens - If you're over the age of 55, you may be able to get a discount up to 10%.
  • Low Mileage - Fewer annual miles could be rewarded with better rates on cars that stay parked.

A little note about advertised discounts, most discount credits are not given to all coverage premiums. A few only apply to the cost of specific coverages such as medical payments or collision. So when the math indicates you could get a free auto insurance policy, you won't be that lucky.

To choose providers who offer auto insurance discounts in Woodsfield, click this link.

Save 15 percent in 15 minutes? Is it for real?

Companies like State Farm and Allstate continually stream television and radio advertisements. All the ads make the same claim about savings after switching your policy. How do they all claim to save you money?

Different companies are able to cherry pick for the right customer that makes them money. For instance, a preferred risk might be between the ages of 30 and 50, has no driving citations, and drives less than 10,000 miles a year. A customer getting a price quote who matches those parameters receives the best rates and is almost guaranteed to cut their rates substantially.

Potential insureds who don't meet the "perfect" profile will be charged more money which leads to the customer not buying. Company advertisements say "people who switch" but not "drivers who get quotes" save that kind of money. That's the way companies can truthfully advertise the way they do. That is why you should get as many comparisons as possible. It's impossible to know which auto insurance company will provide you with the cheapest rates.

Even more information is located at the Ohio Department of Insurance website. Visitors are able to file complaints about a company, report car insurance fraud, and file complaints about an insurance agent or broker.

Affordable insurance is out there

We covered some good ideas how to save on auto insurance. The most important thing to understand is the more you quote, the more likely it is that you will get a better rate. You may even find the lowest rates come from a company that doesn't do a lot of advertising.

The cheapest auto insurance can be purchased both online in addition to many Woodsfield insurance agents, and you should compare price quotes from both to have the best chance of lowering rates. Some auto insurance companies do not provide online price quotes and many times these small, regional companies only sell through independent insurance agents.

As you go through the steps to switch your coverage, never buy poor coverage just to save money. There have been many cases where someone sacrificed collision coverage and learned later that the savings was not a smart move. Your goal should be to buy enough coverage at an affordable rate, not the least amount of coverage.