Proven Techniques to Save on Freeport Auto Insurance

Did you fall for a flashy sales pitch and buy an underperforming, overpriced auto insurance policy? Trust us, there are lots of people in the same boat. Companies like GEICO and Progressive promote their brand names with advertising and it is challenging if not impossible to sift through the bull and take the time to shop coverage around.

Freeport Rates are Influenced by These Factors

Consumers need to have an understanding of some of the elements that help determine the price you pay for auto insurance. Having a good understanding of what influences your rates enables informed choices that will entitle you to big savings.

The following are some of the items auto insurance companies consider when setting prices.

  • Do you have a high stress job? - Did you know that where you work can have an impact on rates? Careers like real estate brokers, architects and dentists tend to have the highest average rates because of high stress and lots of time spent at work. Other occupations such as actors, historians and performers receive lower rates.
  • Do you know your deductibles? - Your deductibles define the amount you are required to spend before your auto insurance pays a claim. Insurance for physical damage to your car, otherwise known as comp (or other than collision) and collision, protects your car from damage. Some instances where coverage would apply could be running into the backend of another car, damage caused by hail, and burglary. The more expense you are required to pay out-of-pocket, the less your auto insurance will be.
  • Pleasure use saves money - Driving more miles in a year the higher your rate. Most insurance companies apply a rate based on their usage. Vehicles not used for work or commuting get more affordable rates than vehicles that are driven to work every day. Ask your agent if your auto insurance coverage is rated on the proper vehicle usage.
  • Add-on coverages can add up - There are a ton of extra coverages that can waste your money on your auto insurance policy. Insurance for rental car reimbursement, accident forgiveness and term life insurance are examples of these. These coverages may sound good when you first buy your policy, but if they're wasting money eliminate the coverages to reduce your premium.
  • Your spouse saves you money - Getting married can get you a discount when buying auto insurance. Having a significant other means you're more mature and it's proven that being married results in fewer claims.
  • Do men or women drive better? - Statistics demonstrate women are more cautious behind the wheel. However, this does not mean men are worse drivers. They both are in accidents at a similar rate, but the men have costlier accidents. Men also statistically get cited for more serious violations such as DWI and reckless driving. Young males are most likely to cause an accident and are penalized with high auto insurance rates.

These discounts can lower your rates

Companies offering auto insurance don't list every discount in a way that's easy to find, so the following is a list of both well-publicized as well as the least known auto insurance savings. If you aren't receiving every discount possible, you are paying more than you should be.

  • No Accidents - Drivers with accident-free driving histories pay less when compared to accident-prone drivers.
  • Multiple Vehicles - Buying coverage for multiple vehicles with the same company may reduce the rate for each vehicle.
  • Discount for New Cars - Insuring a new car can cost up to 25% less due to better safety requirements for new cars.
  • Driver Safety - Taking part in a course in driver safety could possibly earn you a 5% discount if your company offers it.
  • Discount for Life Insurance - Some companies give better rates if you take out auto and life insurance together.

Keep in mind that most credits do not apply to all coverage premiums. The majority will only reduce individual premiums such as comp or med pay. Even though it may seem like having all the discounts means you get insurance for free, it just doesn't work that way.

To choose insurance companies who offer auto insurance discounts in Freeport, follow this link.

Are you falling for claims of savings?

Ohio consumers can't ignore all the ads that promise big savings by Progressive, Allstate and GEICO. They all say the same thing that you can save after switching to their company.

How can each company make almost identical claims?

All the different companies are able to cherry pick for the driver that makes them money. A good example of a driver they prefer could possibly be over the age of 40, has no driving citations, and has great credit. A driver who fits that profile gets the lowest rates and as a result will probably save when they switch companies.

Potential customers who are not a match for the requirements will be quoted a higher premium which usually ends up with the driver buying from a lower-cost company. Company advertisements say "customers that switch" not "everybody who quotes" save that much. That's the way insurance companies can advertise the savings. This emphasizes why you should get a wide range of price quotes. It is impossible to predict which auto insurance company will give you the biggest savings.

Learn more about Ohio auto insurance

Additional detailed information can be read at the Ohio Department of Insurance website. Ohio consumers can read industry bulletins, report car insurance fraud, file complaints about an insurance agent or broker, and discover disciplinary actions.

And the best car insurance company is...

Affordable auto insurance can be purchased online and also from your neighborhood Freeport agents, and you need to comparison shop both to have the best rate selection. There are still a few companies who may not provide online price quotes and these small insurance companies work with independent agents.

As you prepare to switch companies, it's a bad idea to buy poor coverage just to save money. There are too many instances where someone sacrificed collision coverage and discovered at claim time that the small savings ended up costing them much more. Your strategy should be to buy the best coverage you can find at a price you can afford while still protecting your assets.