Free Guide to Paying Less for Bellbrook Car Insurance Online

Are you tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul each month for car insurance? You're in the same situation as many other Ohio drivers. Because there are so many insurance companies to choose from, it's nearly impossible to find the most affordable insurance company.

It's important to compare prices once or twice a year because rates are constantly changing. Even if you got the best price last year you can probably find a better price now. Forget anything you know (or think you know) about car insurance because you're about to learn the tricks you need to know to find great coverage at a great price.

Finding affordable coverage in Bellbrook is quite easy. If you have a current car insurance policy or are shopping for new coverage, you will benefit by learning to find better prices and still get good coverage. Ohio drivers only need an understanding of the most effective way to compare prices over the internet.

Good Decisions Result in Lower Rates

Consumers need to have an understanding of the factors that help determine your car insurance rates. When you know what positively or negatively determines base rates enables informed choices that can help you get better car insurance rates.

  • Multiple policies with one company can save - Many insurance companies give discounts to policyholders who have multiple policies with them, otherwise known as a multi-policy discount. If you currently are using one company, you may still want to comparison shop to ensure the best deal. You may still find better rates by buying car insurance from a different company.
  • Special features that cut premiums - Driving a car that has an advanced theft prevention system can help lower your rates. Theft prevention features like tamper alarm systems, vehicle immobilizer technology and General Motors OnStar all hinder auto theft.
  • Where you live is a factor - Being located in a small town has it's advantages when it comes to car insurance. Urban drivers regularly have congested traffic and longer commutes to work. Fewer drivers translates into fewer accidents.
  • What type of vehicle do you drive? - The make and model of the vehicle you drive makes a big difference in determining your rates. The most favorable rates are for small economy passenger cars, but other factors influence the final cost greatly.
  • How's your driving record? - Your driving record has a big impact on rates. Careful drivers receive lower rates compared to drivers with tickets. Even a single citation can boost insurance rates by twenty percent. Drivers who get flagrant violations like reckless driving, hit and run or driving under the influence may be required to submit a SR-22 or proof of financial responsibility with their state motor vehicle department in order to keep their license.
  • Having a spouse can save you money - Having a spouse can get you a discount on car insurance. Marriage means you're more mature and responsible and it's statistically proven that drivers who are married are more cautious.
  • More miles equals more premium - Driving more miles every year the higher your rates will be. Most insurance companies rate vehicles determined by how the vehicle is used. Cars that are left in the garage qualify for better rates compared to those used for work or business. Verify your car insurance coverage properly reflects the proper vehicle usage.

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How much can you save with discounts?

Companies offering auto insurance don't always advertise every available discount very well, so we took the time to find some of the more common and the more hidden discounts you could be receiving. If you don't get every credit available, you are paying more than you should be.

  • Anti-theft System - Vehicles with anti-theft systems are stolen less frequently and qualify for as much as a 10% discount.
  • Payment Method - By paying your policy upfront instead of making monthly payments you may reduce your total bill.
  • Multi-policy Discount - If you insure your home and vehicles with one company you will save 10% to 20% off each policy.
  • Early Switch Discount - A few companies offer discounts for switching to them prior to your current policy expiration. It's a savings of about 10%.
  • Good Students Pay Less - This discount can save 20 to 25%. This discount can apply well after school through age 25.
  • One Accident Forgiven - Some insurance companies permit an accident before hitting you with a surcharge if you are claim-free for a certain period of time.
  • New Car Discount - Putting insurance coverage on a new car can cost up to 25% less compared to insuring an older model.
  • No Accidents - Claim-free drivers can save substantially compared to accident-prone drivers.

Consumers should know that some credits don't apply to the entire cost. Most cut the cost of specific coverages such as comprehensive or collision. So even though it sounds like you would end up receiving a 100% discount, companies don't profit that way.

To choose providers who offer car insurance discounts in Ohio, click here.

Save 15 percent in 15 minutes? Is it for real?

Consumers can't ignore all the ads for the lowest price auto insurance by Allstate and Progressive. All the ads have a common claim of big savings after switching to their company.

But how can every company make the same claim?

Different companies can use profiling for the driver that makes them money. For example, a preferred risk could be a mature driver, has no tickets, and drives newer vehicles. A customer that hits that "sweet spot" gets the lowest rates and is almost guaranteed to save a lot of money.

Potential customers who don't meet this ideal profile will be charged a higher premium and this can result in business going elsewhere. The ads say "people who switch" but not "drivers who get quotes" save that much. That's why insurance companies can confidently claim big savings. That is why you should get a wide range of price quotes. Because you never know the company that will give you the biggest savings.

More tips and info about car insurance can be found at the Ohio Department of Insurance website. Consumers can read consumer alerts, view a list of available companies, view agent and company licensing information, and learn about specific coverages.

Other informative sites include's Car Insurance: When not to Skimp and this Bellbrook agent directory.

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And the best car insurance company is...

When trying to cut insurance costs, don't be tempted to buy poor coverage just to save money. Too many times, an insured dropped physical damage coverage only to discover later that it was a big mistake. The aim is to purchase plenty of coverage at an affordable rate, not the least amount of coverage.

We just showed you a lot of ways to save on car insurance. The most important thing to understand is the more quotes you get, the better your comparison will be. You may even discover the best price on car insurance is with a company that doesn't do a lot of advertising. Some small companies may often insure only within specific states and give getter rates compared to the large companies like .